Vending Machines in Portland

Bringing a new set of vending machine onto your grounds will allow your employees, customers, guests and other vendors to grab a quick snack, a refreshing drink or even a full meal without having to leave the premises. Having these machines in your break room prevents your employees from having to leave to get lunch or dinner. This makes them less likely to take longer breaks and reduces the number of tardy returns. It allows them to enjoy their rest periods instead of rushing through them.



S&S Vending Co. offers Pepsi and Coke machines, assorted beverage machines, snack machines, fresh and frozen-food machines, ice cream machines and several coffee machine options. If it can be put in machine, we've got it.

We Guarantee:

  • Place each machine on a standard delivery schedule (determined by usage)
  • Offer 24 hour emergency service
  • Respond quickly to all service calls, issuing a priority number based on the urgency and time of call  



Call us at 503-692-4447, or send us an email at to discuss a custom vending solution today.