Food Vending Machines in Portland

Food Vending Machines PortlandVending machines have come a long way since the time of melted candy bars and stale chips. Our modern machines can now serve a wide variety of fresh foods. Our temperature-controlled units keep foods fresh longer and allow us to stock a variety of items including fresh sandwiches, wraps, salads fruits and burritos just to name a few. Because utilize Vern's Deli, a local deli in Portland, we can deliver fresh foods every day. Our FDA approved operation is a great way to bring fresh foods to your employees and visitors, so they don't have to rely on less than healthy fast food options.


With a large variety of options to choose from including:


Deli Wraps  

Giant Burritos

Dinner Entrees


Chef Salad

Fresh Sandwiches



Taco Salad

Breakfast Salads

Granola Yogurt Cups


Caesar Salad

Deli Subs

Veggie/Fruit Trays




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